So why did you make this Encyclopedia of Clamps anyway?

PACKAGINGWe made "Clamps" because most of the other CD-ROM's we saw sucked. Unfortunately, most of the CD-ROM publishers (that are still in business out there) don't think that there is a market for titles that are both purely entertaining and aimed at sophisticated audience. They are happy to chase after the same dollar and stick with the "proven" markets, games for 15 year old boys, kids edutainment and home reference. That's why you'll only find this CD-ROM right here. In fact, we wouldn't want it sitting on a shelf next to any of their titles anyway.

Why are you selling Clamps for only twenty bucks?

BILL, PAUL & WEBSTERDE-LUX'O is like a multimedia garage band. We keep our overhead low, so that we can do the kind of work we like. "Clamps" is so much fun that it's easily worth over $50. But since we didn't really spend very much money making "Clamps", we can offer it to you at the amazingly low price of $20.

You guys must be nuts!