Who are you guys anyway?

HEADQUARTERSDE-LUX'O is a multimedia design company and publisher specializing in cutting edge, platform independent, multimedia. The company was founded in 1992 by Producer & Director Webster Lewin, Multimedia Artist Bill Barminski, and Multimedia Software Designer Jerry Hesketh. The trio has now been joined by Scott Arundale, Executive Producer for The Encyclopedia of Clamps. Here's a picture of our world headquarters in Hollywood.

So what else have guys you done?

CONSUMER PRODUCTOur first CD-ROM, "BAR-MIN-SKI: CONSUMER PRODUCT" is a multimedia documentary about Bill Barminski's life as an artist. It includes an interactive art gallery of his paintings, gallons of original music, dozens of underground comics (including the complete "Tex Hitler" series), and of course "SUB-VERT" the game where you design an ad for Blat-O Beer, the high class beer for low class people.

CYCLOPS BOYWe also did the Internet comedy series "CYCLOPS BOY - ONE EYED DETECTIVE". Earlier this year Cyclops Boy won the Multimedia Prize at the 10th Stuttgart Filmwinter Festival, also Microsoft's "Best of the Web" and it was featured at the 26th Rotterdam International Film Festival.

Who's the guy with the clamp?

TOM SAVINThat's Paul Palo. He plays Tom Savin, the host of the Encyclopedia of Clamps. Paul is a former newscaster and currently a partner in Palo/Hacklar Multimedia. He also let us use his SP Betacam video camera to shoot much of the footage in "Clamps" (thanks Paul). We would like to nominate Paul for best performance in a reference CD-ROM.

He's got my vote!