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These 8 a.m. meetings really drive me crazy.

I wish I had something to help me relax before

the meeting starts.


Hey what's this? A Beer!

That's not just any beer That's a Blat'o Beer.

It sure looks good!

Wait till you taste it!

Mmmm, tastes great!  What makes it taste so good gosh darn good?

Well, it's the miracle of Atomic H Factor.

H Factor? What's that?Let me show you.

The H stands for extra happiness. And you get loads in every bottle.

Really? How do they do it?

Before every six pack leaves our factory each bottle of Blat'o Beer is bombarded with Atomic H Factor. So it will be as fresh a hundred years from now as it is today.

Who would have thought there was all that in this one little bottle?

After a few of these, this meeting will be a breeze!

Remember, when you're having more than six, drink Blat'o, the happy beer!


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